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Adoption Program

Get $15,000 up to $125K in government funding when you transform your business technology

Doing business in the digital age just became a lot more affordable and accessible. The Government of Canada is investing a total of $4 billion in the digital transformation of businesses like yours. Through the Canada Digital Adoption Program’s

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The AlphaIT Digital Process

Boost Your Business Technology in just four steps..


Your digital adoption journey starts here. Our team of experts provide a turnkey solution, from application to implementation. Our CDAP advisors can help you apply for the Boost Your Business Technology grant, so you can claim the $15,000 funding to create your Digital Adoption Program.

Business Analysis

Once you’re approved for the grant, we’ll start working on your Digital Adoption Program. Our process starts with a complete needs assessment and current state analysis. We’ll look at your current tech stack and business processes, and identify areas of improvement as starting points of your roadmap to successful digital transformation and growth.


The Boost Your Business Technology grant is just the beginning of your Digital Adoption Plan. After this $15,000 grant provides you with a roadmap for digital adoption, you can get a $100,000 interest-free loan from the BDC for the first year, with payments over the next five. Get the total funding you need to embrace new digital technologies that enable better business.


At AlphaIT, we’re more than your CDAP advisor. Building on the roadmap we designed for you, we’ll work with you to implement it and get results that matter. Get a complete digital transformation solution with our suite of digital marketing and sales services, and start doing business in the digital economy.

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How AlphaIT Can Help

As your CDAP advisor, we’ll make sure that you’re eligible for the Boost Your Business Technology grant based on the criteria.

A AlphaIT CDAP advisor will review your application and identify strengths to highlight to increase your chances of approval.

We’ll look at every aspect of business and the technology you use—or don’t currently—to identify areas of digital transformation.

Based on your digital transformation needs, we’ll recommend platforms and digitally-enabled marketing and sales processes, with the highest ROI potential.

AlphaIT will provide you with a comprehensive roadmap for digital adoption, complete with key strategies, milestones, and necessary tools to ensure success in the digital economy.